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Azar Motor Manufacturing and Industrial Institute, as the largest coupler and importer of diesel generators and manufacturer of all types of chassis, electrical panels and silent and super silent canopies in the country, offers its products to dear customers.

 What is a diesel generator

Diesel generators are devices that use electrical power during power outages to prevent power outages and daily activities or disrupt commercial and industrial operations. Diesel generators can convert a mechanical energy into electrical energy by using a diesel engine and generating mechanical energy through a generator. Diesel generators can be used in factories, mines, road construction, residential or commercial complexes, hotels, restaurants. , Gyms, shops and… used

Diesel Generator, or engine generator with a combination of diesel engine, generator and a variety of accessories such as chassis, overhead protection and noise reduction cabinets, control systems, emergency circuit breakers, heat generating system, automatic start system, etc. Which is used to generate electricity, they say. Diesel generators range in power from 8 to 30 kW for homes, small shops and offices, and industrial generators larger than 8 kW to 2,000 kW are used for industrial use, large complexes and factories. Take

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